About TAC

My name is Mark and I am the man behind Time Attack Carbon!

The idea behind the brand started when my room mate and I were joking around in our kitchen. We had just finished dinner and realized that the condensation from our cups had really dampened (all puns intended) our night.

I searched every crevice of my apartment and realized that we didn't have a single coaster in our place. I mean... lets face it; coasters don't scream manly decor, but there's no denying the importance of keeping your surface areas stain and watermark free (thanks grandma).

I did a quick google search and found that the assortment for coasters were pretty limited; leading me down the path of various floral prints and standard cork options. Coasters spend the majority of of the time out in the open, So i really wanted to make the coasters personable and unique. Combining my love for motorsports and creating a functional coaster seemed like a great idea! Which led me to create my pieces made with real carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber has played an integral part of motorsports. The durable and light weight material has helped racers break records across all race tracks in the world. Besides, who doesn't find the weave to be extremely attractive? I'm really happy with how these coasters turned out and I hope you find joy in my coasters as well.