8 Christmas Gift Ideas For Car Fanatics!

It’s the most chaotic time of the year and let me guess… you’re still trying to find that gift for that Gear Head! With Christmas 2016 just 13 days away; you’re probably making like a broken radiator and... overheating with stress! DON'T FRET! I’ve put together a form(al) and functional gift list that’ll really get those motors revving! Order before the December 18th and all of these items should arrive before The Holidays!

1.   Top Gear Road Assistance Kit $36.49

Most of your friends have that project car that just isn’t running right. Give them the gift that keeps on giving with this roadside assistance kit. I personally have one of these in my car and it includes everything from the reflective hazardous triangle to jumper cables!

2.   Black Mechanix Gloves $15.68

Keep those hands clean and blister free with these Mechanix’s Gloves. If they’re good enough for the pit crews at NASCAR and F1 they’re most likely good enough for your fellow car enthusiast!

3.   Rain X Glass Water Repellant $3.99 

Tight on greenbacks? Still want to show you care? The Rain X Glass Repellant will keep those pesky water marks and grease spots off windshield and windows!

4.  Lightess LED Headlamp with Cree T6 5000 Lumen RJ-3000 Head Lamp, Silver Head - $19.99

Ever take on a project that lasts a little longer than expected? The darkness shouldn’t stop you! This LED headlamp is quite powerful. It has a light rating of 5000 lumens and it also comes with a recharable battery. I actually use this headlamp for all sorts of projects and various night hikes. Works great and doesn’t weight much. I often times forget I’m even wearing it.

5.   Premium 24" x 32" Magnetic Fender Cover Gripper Automotive Mechanic Work Mat by OCM - $16.99

There is no worse feeling than... scratching your paint. Even worse... scratching it with your own tools! Protect your car with this magnetic mat. Chances are… your fellow car enthusiast does not have one of these. They'll be thanking you over and over!

6.   The Original Time Attack Carbon Fiber Drink Coaster Set $60.00

Who doesn’t love Carbon Fiber? Who doesn’t love coasters that include 20 layers of hand laid carbon fiber? Each coaster includes famous tracks from around the world. My personal favorite is the Nurburgring! Guests always comment on these babies and they’ve taken a full year of abuse and still look great. If you want to give something handmade and unique; a set of carbon fiber coasters are the way to go!

7.   Mr. Heater F232017 MH9BX Buddy Grey Indoor-Safe Portable Radiant Heater (4,000-9,000-BTU) $76.40

Not all garages are created equal and the winter months shouldn’t stop you or your friends from wrenching on some gears. Help keep garages toasty with this space heater.

8.   Liftmaster 2.5 Ton Aluminum Steel Low Profile QuickLift Garage Floor Jack $129.99

This low profile flow jack works great with lowered vehicle. Raise your car with confidence with this 2.5 Ton Aluminum Low Profile Car Jack Lift.